pied mastiff

Heritage White Spotting in the Mastiff Breed

We embrace and nurture the diversity of cosmetic traits such as color and focus on sound structure fit to carry a giant breed dog.

We believe that all colors that naturally occur in the Mastiff are important for breed diversity. We fully disclose information about carriers of non-standard coat color. Our breedings may include Apricot, Brindle, Fawn, Pied or Pied Carriers. All known S locus variants (and others) are disclosed with each breeding. Color preference is always a part of choosing a dog, aesthetics are very important in selection and we encourage Mastiff enthusiasts to freely voice their preference of color we also encourage them to allow Mastiffs of all other colors to contribute to the gene pool.  We are aware of the narrow gene pool supporting our breed. We believe that nature has a way to compensate for a small gene pool through mutations and changes in DNA transcription resulting in rare traits such as pied Mastiffs.

Consider that we may be working against nature by restricting dogs with non-standard colors from breeding and contributing to the gene pool. We believe that the pied Mastiff is a good source for expanding the gene pool within our breed. We can only hope that Pied Mastiffs will be wanted and accepted by enough humans to keep them from disappearing altogether, and that they will go on to bring diversity to the Mastiff breed, like Cello pictured above with her daughter Pelligrino.

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