Our Guardians Put To Task

Jabberwocky, Malachai, Bander & Bettis

A fugitive running from local Law Enforcement Officials in a high speed chase took a turn up our old gravel road past our neighbors yard where their toddler and pre-schooler play then abandoned his vehicle at the edge of our property. The empty vehicle continued to roll through our yard and up to our porch as the intruder set out on foot in attempt to escape the officers early Sunday afternoon.
We heard the sirens, but not the usual howls that follow from our pack. When we reached the yard the Mastiffs had already taken charge.

Without a bark our Brindles surrounded the vehicle while the Fawns were close on the heels of the intruder the remainder of the pack barricaded the front door, inside and out - all without a single command from their humans. Joe called back the Fawns, and I called everyone back in the house with the kids and myself as the Officers apprehended the man and secured the vehicle. A happy ending to a very frightening Sunday afternoon in our quiet little rural neighborhood thanks to the Gallia County Sheriffs Department, Gallipolis City Police and Ohio State Highway Patrol. We're very grateful for all they do. We're very proud of our little pack of Estate Guardians - well maybe not so much an estate here in our neck of the woods but they protected our family and guarded our country home as if it were a Castle. So who's getting past these steps into our door uninvited? Nobody, that's who .

August 24, 2014

Bettis, Malachai, Bander & Jabberwocky. The Masties that keepeth this house.