Hind dew claws

Early 20th Century Mastiff Trait

We find pockets of diversity to strengthen the Mastiff gene pool in rare haplotypes that have an historic reference in literature and art for the breed. We were surprised by 3 pups presenting rear dew claws in our April 2015 Diversity litter: JOSEPH'S BEST KEPT SECRET X WOLFE CREEKS BOSS HOSS. In the early years 1820's till the turn of the century the rear dewclaw or fifth toe was considered to be a sign of purity in the Mastiff, indicative of great size. In the 1930's we find writings that indicate about half of all mastiffs whelped during that time had the rear dews. It seems that the fifth toe/rear dew declined after the second World War, we found little documentation about this trait in the post war period.

A test for hind/rear dew claws is now available. We recently learned that if a puppy inherits at least one copy of the rear/hind dew claw gene he has a 50% chance of expressing them. Only one parent is needed to carry this gene for expression in the offspring.

Our little girl DAUGHTY (2015) is the 35th Great Grandaughter of BEAUFORT(1884). Daughty has rear dew claws along with her brother and sister. Neither parent has expressed rear dew claws. It was written that Beaufort inherited his rear dew claws from his sire Beau, maybe Daughty inherited hers from him also - 36 generations and 131 years later.