black and tan mastiff

15th Century Black and Tan Mastiff with Saddle

Karis Defrange, pictured to the left of the brindle Mastiff, carries one black and tan allele (at) on the A locus. She also carries one copy of the saddle pattern allele. Karis' pedigree can be traced back to the Lyme Hall Mastiffs. Karis is also the 41st Great GrandDaughter of Speeler, mastiff registered with the AKC in the late 19th century as a black and tan.

Karis is the 49th Great Grandaughter of Captain Garnier's Adam of Lyme Hall (1847) and the 48th Great Grandaughter of Ansdell's Leo of Lyme Hall, Karis is a purebred English Mastiff with a black and tan coat (color and pattern verified by DNA) as seen on the Lyme Hall stained glass window portait of Sir Piers Legh's Mastiff. Owner: Michele Defrange

1420-1440 "Early 15th Century Lyme Hall mastiffs had a dark, almost red coat with black muzzle. Bold Hall mastiffs were a light tawny color with a light muzzle" - written in 1873 by Col Wilson Patton, son of Peter Patten Bold. Special thanks to Michele's Mastiffs for sharing information about their girl Karis DeFrange, bringing the 15th century back to the modern Mastiff breed

1874 Burke Hanging Stone Plaque Biggin Hall

"Beneath this Rock August 1st 1874 was buried BURKE a noble mastiff black and tan faithful as woman braver than man a gun and a ramble his hearts desire with the friend of his life the Swythamley squire"

photo credit: World Mastiff Forum

1888 Speeler (19,960) black and tan 

Owner: J.W. Schwind, Dubuque, Iowa. Breeders: Gough Bros., Richardson, Illinios. Beech Grove Grover bred by George Jackson.

Speeler was out of Baby M (out of Druidess by Turk) owned by Wm. Hood, MN, by Beech Grove Grover (out of Beech Grove Gabrielle by Beech Grove Duke.