bob tail

Early 19th Century Bob tail Countess

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Our puppy Kamrack Falls Over Glaciers Ridge from 2009 Bettis x Lily produced a natural bob-tailed pup. Kamrack does have a brindle coat, and she is the 48th Great Grandaughter to Lukey's Bob-Tailed Countess, 1835. Countess has a 49th GreatGrandson also born with a bob-tail, we believe more than just a coincidence. It is not usually recommended to test the Mastiff for this trait however we do know it is present in the breed and it is safest to be pro-active and move forward with testing to avoid the risk of small litters associated with this trait.

We do test all of our breeding stock for the bob-tail gene, it is strongly advised to avoid breeding two expressed (or carrier) bobtailed dogs together. There are no known negative health effects in dogs with one copy (heterozygous) of the bobtail gene.

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