Historic Long Coated Mastiffs Mid-19th Century

Mastiff's with long coats (also known as fluffy) have been present in the breed even before it was established by clubs and fanciers, long before 'post war' restoration and late 20th century alleged crosses. Though the fluffy coat is considered a fault in the breed standard, we believe that eliminating this historic trait may be detrimental to the breed. We plan to continue to breed long coat carriers and maybe even a long coat 'fluffy' if the right pup comes along in effort to preserve this heritage mastiff trait along with the diversity this trait might bring to the gene pool

For the first time in 11 years we once again had two fluffy puppies, a fawn and apricot both brindle this time, out of JOSEPH'S BEST KEPT SECRET 'Zora' by GLACIERS RIDGE PIEDMONT 'Monty' whelped June 2018. Both Zora and Monty were tested and confirmed fluffy carriers.

This painting by Richard Ansdell depicts a Mastiff with a long coat in the early 19th century just before the creation of kennel clubs and the establishment of dog breeds. Our first litter in 2007 included a male and a female fawn fluffy mastiff Beau and Layla. Beau is pictured on the top right of Ansdell's mastiff.

Thor is our fawn fluffy boy out of Whistler JOSEPH'S SYMPHONY IN WHITE and Monty GLACIERS RIDGE PIEDMONT, whelped June 2019.