AKC Registration of pied mastiffs

Pied Mastiffs are fully eligible for AKC Registration

Pied Mastiffs whelped from AKC registered Mastiffs are registerable with the American Kennel Club (AKC) on the full or the limited register at the discretion of the breeder just as any other Mastiff whelped from AKC registered Mastiffs. The parent breed club is the governing body that determines what colors options are available on AKC registration documents for the Mastiff.

Our Buttercup JOSEPH'S AS YOU WISH is on the full AKC register, her color is indicated as a brindle Mastiff with a black mask. Buttercup has 2 copies of the pied gene and expresses what the standard states to be "excessive white". The parent breed club has determined that she must be registered as a brindle Mastiff. The Pied gene does not allow her Black Mask to be fully expressed, the same as it does not allow her brindle coat to be fully expressed, and we believe that Mastiff pedigree researchers in the future should have that information available to them as all Mastiff fanciers do have a preference of color and rightly so. If the Mastiff can be registered without a Mask which is a fault, shouldn't a Mastiff with excessive white be registered accordingly in the interest of accurate record keeping?

DIESEL KANE LINVILLE was the first pied Mastiff to be registered with his accurate coat color in the United States of America with the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a piebald mastiff on his registration certificate. The parent breed club, The Mastiff Club of America (MCOA) mandated the color to be changed back to brindle shortly thereafter.

We now know the importance of understanding the roles of the parent breed club (MCOA), the registering body (AKC) and the breeder. The MCOA controls the Mastiff standard and determines what color and markings are used on AKC registration certificates. The AKC controls the criteria for registration eligibility. The breeder controls the registration status, full or limited register.

Piebald is not a color, but absence of color due to the white spotting gene. This trait is genetically a marking, as is the black mask. A brindle pied Mastiff is a brindle mastiff with white spotting, therefore the registration color appearing as brindle on the AKC certificate is consistent with the Mastiff breed registrations as a whole. Should the piebald marking be considered for inclusion on registration certificates in the future, we might want to consider that brindle is also a marking - not a color as genetically expressed such as fawn and apricot. Those decisions are in the hands of the parent breed club.