2019 Daughty x dobro
ancest0r Litter

Heritage Bloodlines (1800's-1990's)
Heritage Brindle (1700's)
Historic Hind Dew Claw (1800-1930's)
Pedigree: Domestic Companion
Natural tie/Natural whelp

Our very own JOSEPH'S THE BOSS'S DAUGHER Daughty and JOSEPH'S CURTIS LOEW Dobro brought us our ancestor litter named after founding Mastiffs in their pedigree. These pup expressed fawn, heritage silver fawn, brindle and heritage black brindle coats with residual white toes and chest flash. Daughty and Dobro do not carry the pied gene.

All of Daughty & Dobro's puppies are with their new families, Wolsey stayed here at home with us.