2016 Whistler x Siege
orchestra litter

Historic Piebald Coat Color (1600's-1950's)
Legacy Bloodlines (1990's)Pedigree: Domestic Companion x Import Show
Breeding: Surgical AI-frozen/C-Section

Still in the foundation of our preservation program, our preservation breeding with imported semen from Gammonwood Mastiffs in Australia Siege over our Whistler. Whistler expresses a fawn piebald coat and carries the long coat gene. Siege carries the pied gene. Whistler is a tall girl for standard, very nicely set and extremely graceful and athletic. Siege brings traditional old world type to this breeding. The Wright’s Inbreeding Coefficient (IC) and the Ancestor Loss Coefficient (AVK) the values are optimally IC=0 and AVK=100. A general first rule is: IC should be under 3% in a considered mating AVK should be over 85%. http://www.czerwonytrop.com/inb/

Puppy photos coming soon.